#Telecom Paris publications

Here are scientific papers on research related to the LIMPID topics and conducted at Télécom Paris. Some are directly attached to the LIMPID project, while others are conducted in different projects or research chairs.

#Other publications

We also want to highlight previous researches related to the LIMPID project and researches conducted by different teams, as they nourish our thoughts and the overall conversation on image recognition systems and trustworthy AI.

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The facial recognition domain is a ever moving place of various contributions. Sometimes, new works need time to be investigated; or contributions will be known during a workshop or an event just announced. Before receiving an entry in the present page, they can be found in the news section.

Team & Partners

LIMPID (Leveraging Interpretable Machines for Performance Improvement and Decision) is a three-year interdisciplinary research program started in December 2020. It is conducted by Télécom Paris and mainly funded in part by the French National Research Agency (ANR, Project 20-CE23-0028). IDEMIA is scientific coordinator of the project.