APIA  2023


A new generation of AI-based tools is being developed to help identify road safety violations such as failure to wear a seatbelt, or use of a phone while driving. An existing regulatory framework applies to traditional speed radars, but this framework must be tailored to accommodate the unique features of new systems, like the inability to conduct audits through testing and the involvement of humans in the enforcement of sanctions. The objective of this study is to compare the functioning and regulatory framework of classic speed radar systems with the functioning of new image recognition systems in order to identify needs for explainability of the new AI-based systems. Our conclusions in this use case can be generalized to other “smart video” use cases where images are proposed to human operators.


Mélanie Gornet, Winston Maxwell, “L’IA explicable appliquée à la détection de ceintures et de téléphones au volant”  (Conférence Nationale sur les Applications Pratiques de l’Intelligence Artificielle, APIA 2023).