Table of contents

1- Introduction
2- Definitions
3- Acceptance of terms
4- Purpose of the web site
5- Hypertext links with third-party sites
6- User’s right
7- Warrants and responsibilities
8- Personal data and cookies
9- Warning to users
10- Applicable law
11 – Modification of the General Conditions of Use 5


IDEMIA provides cutting-edge technologies to the world with a mission to protect the identity of consumers and citizens. Privacy is a central issue for IDEMIA and we aim to secure your personal data. As security and privacy are at the heart of augmented identity, the secure digital means of identification we offer, IDEMIA said that security and privacy are an essential criterion in the pursuit of our mission.
In an increasingly digital world, borders and the definition of security are changing. IDEMIA’s security strategy implements the highest security standards encompassing both the physical and digital worlds, not to mention the permanent interconnections between these worlds.
To meet our requirements, IDEMIA is committed to protecting the business interests of its customers and ours by providing comprehensive cyber security and information protection services.


User: of the LIMPID website is any community of scientists as well as public institutions, based Worldwide.

3_Acceptance of terms

Any access to the LIMPID website, and/or any search carried out on said website, and/or any use of said website and/or any download of part of the content of said website by the User constitutes acceptance of the General Conditions of Use of the LIMPID website, as defined below.

4_Purpose of the web site

The LIMPID website provides accessible information to the entire scientific and research community, to public institutions involved in AI research.
All the information contained on the LIMPID website, and more generally all the elements, including in particular, software, data, texts, graphics, images, sounds, videos, logos, symbols, html code hereinafter referred to as the “Content”, are made available to Users for information purposes only.
They can in no way be interpreted as a license, an advice, between the User and LIMPID. The Content provided on this site does not exempt the User from carrying out by himself the control of the information provided

5_Hypertext links with third-party sites

LIMPID has no control over the content of third-party sites. The existence of a hypertext link between the LIMPID website and a third-party site does not mean that LIMPID assumes any guarantee and responsibility for its content or the use that may be made of it.
The third-party site of the ANR in hypertext link is our financing partner whose link is as follows: Leveraging Interpretable Machines for Performance Improvement and Decision | ANR.

6_User’s right

6-1_The rights of the user.

It is the User’s responsibility to take the necessary precautions to ensure the absence of viruses on the visited site.
It is prohibited, without the prior written consent of Idemia & Telecom Paris, for any User of the LIMPID website to create, on any other website, any hypertext link including a so-called “deep” hypertext link with a page of the LIMPID website and to combine it with the “framing” technique or any other similar technique allowing to refer directly to the secondary pages of the LIMPID website without going through its page home

The User is solely responsible for any use of the information contained on this site. The content of the site does not extend or modify in any way the guarantee that may apply under the existing contractual relations between the User and LIMPID.
Any information or request for information that you may send to LIMPID via the site or via the e-mail to which the site may give access, is considered non-confidential.

7_Warrants and responsibilities

The Content of the LIMPID website – including the software that may be downloaded from it – is provided “as is”, without warranty of any kind, either express or implied other than that provided by applicable law, and in particular without warranty that the Content meets the needs of the User or that the content is up to date.
Although Idemia & Telecom Paris strives to provide reliable content on its website, it does not guarantee that its website is free of inaccuracies, typographical errors, omissions and/or viruses.

Idemia & Telecom Paris reserves the right to make improvements and/or changes to the content of its website at any time and without prior notice.
Idemia & Telecom Paris does not guarantee the results related to the use of any software available on its website.
Idemia & Telecom Paris cannot be held liable for indirect damages resulting from the use of this website or other sites linked to it, including without limitation, any financial or commercial damage, loss of program or data of the User’s information system or otherwise, even if Idemia & Telecom Paris has been aware of the possibility of such damages occurring.

8_Personal data and cookies

Consult our personal data protection policy on our website.
No cookies are integrated into this site.

Consult our Data Protection Policy

9_Warning to users

Idemia & Telecom Paris assumes no obligation to follow up on the information that the User may deposit on the Idemia & Telecom Paris website. As such, the User guarantees that any information, or element (the term “element” means any project, file or other attachments sent) or comments other than personal data, that the User may transmit to Idemia & Telecom Paris through the latter’s website, does not violate any intellectual property rights of a third party or any other applicable law.
Such information, or materials or comments, will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary. By submitting any information, element or comment in this way, the User gives Idemia & Telecom Paris any necessary right, unlimited and irrevocable, to use, execute, show, modify and transmit such information, elements or comments, including any suggestion, concept or know-how. Idemia & Telecom Paris reserves the right to use such information, Materials or comments in any way it chooses.

10_Applicable law

Any difficulty, claim or dispute arising out of or related to these Terms of Use shall be governed by French law.
The commercial court of Nanterre will have sole jurisdiction. If any provision of these Terms of Use is held to be unlawful, invalid or unenforceable, pursuant to any law, regulation or as a result of a final decision of a court of competent jurisdiction, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

11_Modification of the General Conditions of Use

Idemia & Telecom Paris reserves the right to modify the Terms of Use of its website at any time and without notice. Users will be automatically bound by these changes when they browse this website and must periodically read the Terms of Use.

Team & Partners

LIMPID (Leveraging Interpretable Machines for Performance Improvement and Decision) is a three-year interdisciplinary research program started in December 2020. It is conducted by Télécom Paris and mainly funded in part by the French National Research Agency (ANR, Project 20-CE23-0028). IDEMIA is scientific coordinator of the project.